The Parents’ Role

Parental involvement, understanding, and support are indispensable in building a solid foundation for their minor or adult child’s success. So, we offer parents as much opportunity as the child to learn and train.

Why have we built parental education and training into our protocols and programs? Because the more you know about what we do, the more you understand how your child sees and experiences the world. And, with that understanding, you are better able to support your child at home to complement and continue the training your child receives at our facilities.

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Training for parents of Neurodivergent Children

Parents need an environment conducive to learning as much as their child. While the child works to develop confidence in their abilities, the parent works to gain a deeper empathy and understanding of how their child sees and experiences the world. And more importantly, they develop an understanding of how the protocols work in their real-world home setting.

We train and equip parents to enhance their child’s success in four different ways:

Parental environment


We create an environment where parents feel comfortable interacting with Divergent Fitness staff and other parents who are walking the same road with their own neurodivergent child. We suppose you could call it a support group, but labels are not as important as the opportunity to talk with other parents, share your challenges, learn how to support your child and understand their world.

Fitness and Movement Training


Many parents go through the same fitness and movement training as their child. They can train alongside them or apart, depending on the circumstances. As a parent, you benefit from understanding what movements require physically how they feel and boost your own fitness at the same time.



Our Anxiety Management and Nutrition Courses are practically mandatory for parents because they impart a deeper understanding of how environment, events, and food impact their child. For example, many parents discover that changing their own diet to support their child’s progress creates noticeable changes in how their own body feels and reacts. These experiences give parents a deeper understanding of how their child’s body responds to something as fundamental as food and diet.



There inevitably comes a time when either you or your child or both need to discuss an event, issue, difficulty or need something clarified. We provide telephone mentoring as well as onsite support. You are never alone in your journey to a better future for your child.

Gandhi’s Sugar Story

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the importance of parental involvement, training, and education comes from the Gandhi Sugar Story.

A mother came to Gandhi with her son, complaining about the child’s addiction to sugar. She asked Gandhi to tell the son to stop eating sugar. Gandhi’s reply was undoubtedly unsatisfactory to the mother; he asked the mother and child to return in two weeks.

At the end of two weeks, the mother and son return to Gandhi, and the mother asks him again to tell her son to stop eating sugar. Gandhi obliged this time, telling the child to stop eating sugar.

As a parent, you can surely understand the mother’s incredulous reaction. “Why didn’t you tell him to stop eating sugar two weeks ago,” she demanded.

“Because,” said Gandhi, “I was still eating sugar two weeks ago.”

This short story illustrates the point that you are more empathetic, believable, and honest when you do not ask your child to do something you don’t also do.

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Celebrating success

We Understand What You and Your Child Face

We understand the challenges you and your child face because our founder, Mike Ramirez, is neurodivergent himself, suffering from a high anxiety and panic condition. He manages his neurodiversity conditions with the protocols Divergent Fitness uses. In fact, he developed the protocols to help others like himself live better, more fulfilling lives. We view neurodivergent conditions as functions that deliver value to the individual with the condition rather than a disorder. Mike discovered his condition’s value was an ability to relate to neurodivergent children and their parents, which played a big part in the creation of Divergent Fitness

Tired of Programs that Do Not Help Your Child? Try Divergent Fitness.

Parenting a neurodivergent child involves more challenges and complexities than a neurotypical child. Parents often come to our programs with a lot of guilt stemming from the lack of progress their child achieves, moving from therapy to therapy and treatment to treatment. It’s a natural emotion and incredibly frustrating because your best efforts are not producing positive results.

If you are ready to involve your neurodivergent child and yourself in the Divergent Fitness journey to a more fulfilling life for everyone, please fill out our Assessment Form to schedule a time with one of Divergent Fitness’s specialists. Or give us a call at (805) 900-0299 to learn more first. We look forward to speaking with you and your child.

You know your child is capable of much more, and so do we. Let us find out together.

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