At Divergent Fitness, everything starts with an assessment of your neurodivergent child, parent or friend so we can recommend a training plan that accomplishes your goals and those of your child.

Who Is An Assessment For?

Neurodivergence usually begins early in life, but can also begin as an adult, perhaps as the result of trauma, disease or depression.

Even though we mostly talk about and work with neurodivergent children, whether the person experiencing neurodivergence is a child, you, or some adult you care for, Divergent Fitness is here to help.

We start by assessing challenges and so we can devise a plan and a direction for addressing somatic errors, movement imbalances, and create goals for quality of life for whoever needs our help.

So while we talk mostly about neurodivergent children on our website — including the assessment information and form below — everything we do and say about children and their parents applies equally well for neurodivergent adults and those who care for them.

In other words, no matter who you’re here for, an Assessment is the right place to start.

Semi-Private Training
Assessing performance one on one

The Assessment Process

We begin by meeting with both you and your child, together. We know from experience that this approach creates the highest probability of success. We will assess

  • Your child’s sensory needs
  • How your child interprets or responds to audible and visual cues and instructions
  • Your child’s unique characteristics and personality traits

We conduct a physical assessment focusing on your child’s movement, balance, and strength and use what we learn to determine the exercises that best suit your child’s capabilities and comfort level. The assessment will also help to place your child in the right program, whether it’s private, semi-private, or group instruction.

You’ll be there during all of this so your child is as comfortable with the process as possible.

The last step is all about the goals you have for your child’s development.

We combine all we learn into a training plan that provides the environment and routine to give your child the greatest chance of success and growth.

Schedule an Assessment Today

The first step towards a better, more fulfilling life for your child and your family starts with requesting an Assessment of your neurodivergent child using the form on this page.

You know your child can do more, and so do we!

Fill out this short form and we will contact you to schedule your assessment.


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