Divergent Fitness for Adults

Throughout our website, you will see references to how successful we are in serving neurodivergent children, to help them recognize, manage and sometimes overcome the somatic errors that keep them from living better lives. But did you know that Divergent Fitness also serves neurodivergent adults? In fact, nearly one-fourth of all our students and athletes are 18 years of age or older.

We can do this because our protocols are age-indifferent. Everything we do for our athletes 17 and younger, we do for neurodivergent adults, too. Our protocols contain individual elements that we combine to meet the specific needs of each athlete. 

So, if you are the parent who cares for and supervises a neurodivergent adult, please know that wherever the website mentions children, the same concepts, facilities and programs work for your neurodivergent adult as well. And if you are an independent neurodivergent adult considering attending Divergent Fitness on your own, everything here also applies to you.

Our protocols work equally well for adults and children.
Supported neurodivergent adult trains in a semi-private session while a parent watches.

Training for Independent and Supported Neurodivergent Adults

Some of our adult athletes come to us on their own, making attendance and training decisions themselves. These independent adults can arrange to reach our gym, pay for their training, live independently or in a residential living facility, and otherwise manage their lives. Some of these adults suffer from moderate somatic errors. Others can be classified as neurotypical but suffer somatic errors relating to anxiety, depression and trauma

Some of our other athletes suffer from acute somatic errors to the degree that they require a parent or guardian to support them. For instance, the parents drive them to train, pay for services, help define the protocol elements for their adult child, and so on. In these situations, we work with the supported adult athlete with a parent or guardian present during the assessment interview, protocol development and training.

Treating Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Adults are susceptible to these mental somatic errors because of life events and experiences. An adult may suffer trauma from a severe accident, depression caused by life circumstances, or anxiety due to overstimulation. 

For example, one of our adult athletes suffers from severe depression with suicidal tendencies. That person had previously tried medications, psychologists, psychiatrists, functional medicine and every traditional treatment approach and technique. When none of these worked, this individual approached Divergent Fitness for help.

You might wonder how an individual suffering from depression benefits from our movement protocols. In developing our protocols, we’ve discovered that exercise involves muscles that trigger specific somatic events. Once we identify the trigger, we use movement to manage its effects. Traditional techniques are passive, don’t involve muscle movement, and as a result, don’t trigger the error or allow for effective treatment. In other words, movement is the medium we use to address somatic errors in our athletes.

Our founder suffered from severe anxiety and found that traditional treatments did not work. While seeking help, he discovered that fitness and movement succeeded in managing his anxiety where conventional methods failed. This discovery sparked his creation of Divergent Fitness to help others find the same relief he did.

Neurodivergent adult in semi-private session with child demonstrating Divergent Fitness protocols work for every age athlete.

Training for Neurodivergent Adults

If you have exhausted conventional treatment methods as an independent neurodivergent adult or as the parent of a supported neurodivergent adult, it’s time you talked to us. Complete our assessment form and start on the path to a happier, more productive and more fulfilling life. Or, learn more by browsing through the rest of the website. And if you have questions, let us know.


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