Divergent Fitness

You Know Your Child Is Capable of More, and So Do We


We created Divergent Fitness to help underserved divergent children and their families to live richer, more fulfilling lives. Bring your child (or neurodivergent adult) to Divergent Fitness and see how much more they can do.

Our Athlete, Your Child

Why do we refer to the individuals in our programs as Athletes? Because the dependent children, adult children and other adults in our programs are athletes! Our fitness and movement protocols not only reduce Somatic Errors and improve skills, capabilities and quality of life, they also impart strength, agility, endurance and better health – just like neurotypical athletes.

Ramirez with young female neurodivergent athlete holding a pink sandbag
Trainer working with a young neurodivergent girl athlete pushing a sled.

Reducing Somatic Errors

Somatic errors occur when signals between the mind and body are out of sync, which is typical among neurodivergent individuals. Our protocols directly target these errors, reducing their impact on our students.

Our Programs

Our fitness and movement programs are the physical expression of our protocols. Through fitness and movement regimens tailored to each individual, we help them lead more fulfilling lives.

Neurodivergent athlete with sandbag

Our Trainers

Our trainers are specially trained in our protocols and take a personal interest in all the athletes they train.

Mike Ramirez

Founder, Trainer

Kenedi Pohl

Trainer, Head of Operations

Omar Flores


Shaiyan Ancill


Parental Involvement and Support

We “train” the parents of our athletes alongside their children, enabling them to see the world as their children do. It’s empowering and rewarding, and critical to your child’s success.

Being part of your child’s training programs significantly improves the outcomes.
Mike Ramirez coaching Certification trainee at cable pull

Get Certified to Train Neurodivergent Athletes in Your Area

Neurodivergent individuals benefit significantly from fitness and movement training. Unfortunately, there are too few exercise facilities for neurodivergent individuals and certified trainers capable of serving the unique needs of these individuals. Our certification programs aim to close this gap.

Schedule Your Assessment

We start with an assessment so we can plan how to best help your child. Find out what an assessment is, and how to schedule yours now.